Night Rider Pinball Machine

Bally hurried to get this game out the door in 1977 to capitalize on a fad.  The song “Convoy” was on the radio and “Smokey and the Bandit” was playing in theaters. Why did “trucker culture” suddenly explode into the mainstream at this time?

In 1974, Congress lowered the speed limit to 55 in response to the gas crisis. This amounted to a significant pay cut for truckers, who got paid by the mile. Before 1974, almost none of them had CB radios. By 1976, at least of third of them were using CBs for the purpose of notifying each other where it was safe to speed. When the public found out about this, they rooted for the truckers, and many bought CB radios of their own. This game celebrates the then-new image of the trucker as an outlaw hero.

Pinball Machine Night Rider 01

Pinball Machine Night Rider 02

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